Two Roads 4 Kids - Pediatric Massage Therapy


TwoRoads4Kids - Pediatric Massage Therapy in Austin, Texas has offered safe and effective massage therapy for children, pre-teens and teenagers from a certified pediatric massage therapist in the past.


However, since COVID, we are not accepting new clients. Please contact Carrie Williamson at to request a massage session for your son or daughter. I highly recommend Carrie who is an excellent physical and massage therapist with much experience working with children and teens.  Her website is 



Possible Pediatric Massage Benefits:

* decreased pain

*reduced stress/anxiety/depression

*improved sleep patterns

*improved respiratory function

*increased appetite and weight

*have better gastrointestinal function

*improved long-range emotional, physical and cognitive development

*strengthened child/parent interaction and bonding


All children are special and their massage sessions should also be special - just for them!

Every massage session is sensitively and uniquely designed for each person. 


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