Two Roads 4 Kids - Pediatric Massage Therapy


Why would children need massage? Children are resilient and are able to recover from some injuries rather quickly. However, children are not little adults. They do not have fully developed immune systems and central nervous systems and do not respond to external stimulus the way adults do.

Massage has many benefits from aiding in the recovery of injury to aiding the body's natural immune system in fighting off illness. Massage can be used as a preventative health care as well as an injury/issue specific healthcare.

What's the difference between working on a child and working on an adult? A child's body may look like a small version of our own but every system in their body is functioning and processing information very differently.  I have received specific advanced training in pediatric massage therapy so that I may offer nurturing touch therapy for children with special health needs, children who are hospitaltized or have been diagnosed with a terminal illness in hospice care.

Will my child have to get undressed? No. Personal comfort is very important. The degree of clothing worn is always to his or her comfort level (though jeans tend to be too restricting). If a child is at all unclothed only the body part being worked on will be uncovered.

Can parents massage their child? Yes! The bond between a parent and child is so strong - massaging your child can just make it stronger. A bedtime massage can be so relaxing but you know your child best. Perhaps a full massage is too energizing for her in which case a gentle head, hand, or foot massage will be the best thing for your child.

Do you work on adults? Yes. I have a wide-range of clients, from ages 8 - 98 years old! Please go to my other website, Two Roads Massage Therapy to learn about my advanced trainings that I offer to adults.