Two Roads 4 Kids - Pediatric Massage Therapy

Services & Rates

Pediatric Massage

For children not diagnosed with cancer nor have had a history of it

for children, ages 2 - 12 

20-30 minute massage: $25-$35

for teens, ages 13-18

30-45 minute massage: $35-$50

Every session is uniquely tailored to address each individual child's needs and will be adapted with consideration to age and cognitive development as well as any contraindications. 

Additional Information re: Massage for Teens

Massage therapy may be beneficial to everyone, for all ages and body types, including teenagers. With rising pressure on our teens today, from society and the media, stresses are high and massage therapy can help in a safe and effective way.

In addition, with the teenage years comes soreness from sports and being active during the day. Massage therapy can help with growing pains, body image, and learning to feel comfortable in one's body. Regular massage helps promote muscle and joint health, and increasing flexibility --- all while improving circulation.

This type of bodywork provides comfort and relaxation, and may provide relief from some chronic conditions, such as asthma, nausea, constipation and muscle aches. Many pediatric clients report that they feel more relief from pain after receiving massage therapy.  They feel less depressed and less stressed, and they may rest more soundly as they sleep. 

Consent forms must be signed by a parent or guardian for all children under age 18.


Pediatric Oncology Massage Therapy (cancer care massage for pediatric clients)

for children, ages 2 - 12 

10-20 minute massage: $15-$25

20-30 minute massage: $25-$35

for teens, ages 13-18

15-30 minute massage: $25-$45 

45-minute massage: $50

Longer sessions are available upon request; it must be approved by parent and child's physician.

Gentle, individualized Swedish massage can help with discomforts of cancer or other major illnesses in which children are gravely ill. Massage may be able to reduce and relieve physical distress, such as pain and discomfort (from being immobiized) and psychological distress, such as anxiety, insomnia and feelings of isolation. 

Every session is uniquely tailored to address each individual child's needs and will be adapted with consideration to age and cognitive development as well as contraindications resulting from diagnosis, surgery, treatment and/or medical equipment. Children with cancer may have skin problems from medication, chemotherapy or radiation. These areas will not be massaged. 

A physican release/acknowledgment letter is needed by the child's physician before a massage can be given.


Outcall Services - Outcall services are offered within 10-30 mile radius with a $25 - $40 travel fee. Please contact me for more detailed info.


Payment is due at time of service and will be accepted in cash or check (made payable to Two Roads Massage Therapy). Please inquire if credit card payment will be accepted at the time of your service. With credit card payments, I will need to add a service charge for fees that the credit card company charges me.

Since your child's massage session with me is more medically based (instead of "spa-like"), tipping is not needed nor necessary. Spreading the word about my services to others is the best tip for me!

A cancellation notice of 24 hours is required to avoid being charged for the missed appointment.  The full fee (or a minimum of $15) will be charged for (1) lateness that may result in the appointment ending at the originally scheduled time, and/or (2) for missed appointments.

Kindly notify me as soon as possible if you need to cancel/reschedule your appointment, so that others may take your appointment time.